Saturday, May 16, 2009

Clint Eastwood's Sniper Shot Location (The Alabama Hills Series)

(N 36 36.570 W 118 07.870)

This is from the movie Joe Kidd. Clint and the people he is with are being shot at by a sniper so Clint returns the favor. Clint drops down behind the bushes below. However, notice the rock formation in the background.
As you can see, all I really have to go with around here is the bushes which does not really tell me very much. At this location we are going to get close, but I can not pinpoint exactly where Clint was kneeling at. We can see that same rock formation in the middle background of my picture. The enemy sniper is right under the arrow I put in the picture:
The following picture is pretty good. Lone Pine Peak should be a little more to the right of the Alabama Hills formations you see.
Time to zoom in. Here is the enemy sniper position. Clint takes aim slowly and fires.
My zoomed picture.
As zoomed in as I could go.
Clint Snipers the Sniper Spot (Youtube Version)

Clint Snipers the Sniper Spot (Vimeo Version)