Saturday, May 23, 2009

Two Medal of Honor Recipients

I had mentioned in a blog two weeks ago I visited the Los Angeles National Cemetery. My main purpose was to look for one gravesite related to a hike I did about a year ago. I will talk about that in my next blog. I did find a few other gravesites that I will probably show at a later time.

I do not visit cemetery's that often. I do it once in a while mainly to see if I can find a historical person's site. I do know the sites of a few celebrities, but I do not get too excited about those. With the following two men I was just walking down a slope to get to another area when I ran across them. It was only when I got home I looked them up on Find a Grave and Google to see what I could find about them which was not that much. Here is a Civil War statue you can see as you continue in past the entrance to the cemetery.
The first site I found by chance was Charles Rundle. Although I walked right in front of it the reason I was able to spot these was because there is a huge Medal of Honor engraved on the tombstone. He received his Medal, along with 8 other infantry, for a Union Army assault on Vicksburg, Mississippi on May 22, 1863.

N34 03.875 W118 27.280 (Refer to the find a grave link above for the plot section)The backside.
The next Medal of Honor Recipient earned it during the Philipine-American War (or, Philippine Insurrection). Harry Harvey was a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps and earned it in the battle against the Benictican on Feb. 16, 1900.
N34 03.745 W118 27.160 (Refer to the Find a Grave link above for the plot section)
The backside.
I wanted to put this up around Memorial Day even though technically neither of these men died during their service.

I will show my main purpose in coming to this cemetery in my next blog or two. It will make more sense in those blogs.

Charles Rundle on Find a Grave

Harry Harvey on Find a Grave