Monday, October 05, 2009

Mono Pass (Yosemite) Part 2

(GPS: N37 51.020 W119 13.025)

Everything was silent until we came to Mono Pass. There, the winds started to pick up around me. We spent a few minutes at the lake. Looking back, I could see some clouds there were mixed with the smoke from Yosemite Valley. How long would it be until more and more smoke would come and it would be a waste of time to take pictures?
In the previous blog I pointed out a trail you take by the pond that takes you to the historic miner cabins on the other side. We reached the area near the cabins. Summit Lake was still in the distance where we had just been.
There are a few remains of cabins on the way to Mono Pass, but here you find about 5-6 cabins that are still standing.
This is the main cabin that still has the roof on top.
I went in. On the other side connected to this appears to be the remains of a stable for mules or horses. I am not exactly sure what they did here. Maybe a way to keep warm here?
Looking back outside.
The roof. This are at the pass must be really cold during the winters, but I guess miners, mountain men, and Native Americans got used to it.
A funky looking tree behind one of the cabin remains.
I will wrap this up in the next blog and show the final video as well.