Saturday, October 03, 2009

My Decision on Where to put the HD Videos

I have said this before, but for those that are new to the blog I will explain again. When I originally started this blog I wanted to have not only pictures, but video as well. The idea was that rather than me upload pictures and videos separately to different friends and relatives by e-mail over time I would just put them here. Then it is just a case of sending them a link and then coming here to view.

I never did, and still don't, really try to promote myself on here to create traffic, but over the years more people that have shared some of my interests have come here. Which is fun and I have met a lot of new people online this way. It is really cool that I have other people around the world come on here to see what I have been up to. My approach is the people that really care about the areas and interests I have will find me somehow so I have never really been too concerned about constantly advertising my links all over the web. A lot of my stuff is just a google search away anyways.

I started out with youtube and I wasn't sure how serious I would be about uploading videos to that site. Eventually, I figured out some of the tricks and started using it a lot more in support of this blog. I have expressed my disappointment with youtube in the past on here. They have certainly changed over the past few years, so my old ways of doing things just do not really work on that site anymore. I could start to see the light at the end of the tunnel with the way they were going and had pretty much gotten to the point where I said it was time for me to stop. At that point I was seriously sick of youtube.

I have allowed some months to go by and to how I feel about this. I purchased a new video camera a few months back to start doing new HD videos. The question then was where do I want to put up the new stuff, that is, if I want to even do that anymore.

I don't want to put them up on the old thgreatsilence channel. It was good for the time, but really I want to start over fresh. I have decided to put up videos on two sites:

OverwhelmingSilence (Youtube)

I still do not like everything about youtube. However, they have made some good improvements on the HD side of things. My style of doing things will probably be different though than the old channel.

TheGreatSilence (Vimeo)

Vimeo seems to be more to my liking. At least it seems to be a bit more mature that youtube. In the past the stuff I have seen does not seem as "screwball" as the stuff on youtube. They do have some weaknesses in that you only have 500mb per week and only one HD video per week, but this should work out. I want to keep things free right now so this will be what it will have to be.

If I see other sites in the future I might try those too. However, the above two will be the sites I refer to in this blog in my posts. Under normal circumstance I will be either posting the same video or something very close to the same video on both sites. As far as my old youtube channel goes all I can say is what I have been saying over the past few months: I intend to keep it up as is as long as I can. I do have about 100 subscribers on there so I would like to keep it up, but we will see. Although, for all practical purposes I am done with that channel, I might upload a few older footage videos in the next few months and let my subscribers know I am doing my thing elsewhere now.

In the next day or two I will start using these sites to talk about my Mono Pass (Yosemite) hike.