Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mono Pass (The Final Ascent to the Pass)

This is the second part of what I started in the previous blog entry. At this point I was encountering the "moon crater" look to the mountain side. No more trees or streams at this point. Just sandy scree and granite rocks. I was glad to be at this point, but knew there would definately be more trail until I got to the pass.
These huge rocks were right above. It was kind of like, "I hope nothing changes at this moment, or I will be the nail that gets hit by a huge hammer."
I went further then took a look back. There appears to be something that was a small lake or is a lake for some of the year down below.
Then on my left side I saw the moon just above the ridgeline.
In the next blog I will show the pass itself. I am going to post the same video from last entry which cover the whole hike:

Mono Pass (Little Lakes Valley) Hike (Youtube Version)

Mono Pass (Little Lakes Valley Hike (Vimeo Version)