Thursday, February 25, 2010

Summit Lake (Epilogue)

Time to wrap this one up. Going up and coming down mountains have different issues you have to deal with. Coming down is not always easy. At one point I slipped and slammed my right hand into a rock making my hand a mess. I had blood all over my hand and all over the rocks up there. I guess you could say I left my mark there. Meanwhile, I was trying to make sure my camera and video camera would not get blood on them. Then, almost back to the the pass, I fell and pushed out my right leg in such a way I was concerned I might have hyper-extended it. I got up quickly with no issues after this. I knew all the major work was over so I just decided to head to Summit Lake.
It is a nice small lake.
I continued a little further and could see the next lake in the distance. It was at this point I decided I had seen all I wanted to and it was time to turn around.
The funny thing that happened around this time is after not seeing any sign of life the whole day a dog trotted past me at 12,000 ft. I think I was more thrilled to see him that he was of me since he just kept trotting past me without sniffing me. His owner then past by about a minute later.
Not much more worth mentioning happened on the way down. It was on the way down that tons of people were on the trail. When I got back down to almost the end it really got slow with a line of about 15-20 people stuck behind each other. It took forever to get out of there. I then took the one lane road out as quickly as possible.

The next few days I suffered from the after affects of something. I am not sure if it was dehydration or heat stroke related, but I would feel okay until I was exposed to the sun. I would suddenly feel like the sun was sucking the energy out of me. I would feel okay with the shady trees around, but out in the open I was miserable. For about a week there weren't any clouds out at all, then we had the one day it rained (the Tioga Pass video I showed), then a few days later the Yosemite fire went up. I ended up feeling better by about the time we had that one day of rain.

I have been kind of reminded of that period after the climb recently since I am still recovering from the sickness I had over the past few weeks. I have been really lethargic and have just wanted to rest a lot which I can't afford to do too much of.