Wednesday, June 16, 2010

As the Summer Approaches (Update on What's Up)

Since I have a little more free time right now I am in the mood to reflect and mention what is going to happen this summer and beyond.

As I mentioned in the last blog entry, I am practically finished with all the hikes I want to talk about from last summer. There were a few others I did, but they were the type that I always do during the summer and felt there was nothing worth showing this time around, or the type I will probably do again soon with better pictures and video, so I do not feel the need to put them up now.

I did do some hikes last October that will come up this summer, but before I get to those I want to show some of the local southern California hikes I did in the past few months. Normally, for me, these type of hikes are not worth talking too much about. However, the few that I intend to show do have something worth putting up. These lead to what I mentioned a few months back as my "jungle adventures."

I am finishing up the videos about the local hikes right now. I have been working on fine tuning some of the techniques I have learned on Sony Vegas. I am only now starting to understand the basics of the program. It was sad to find out that I only needed to make a few adjustments and my videos could have been better than what I put out. Oh well, live and learn, or, better yet, learn and live. So, when you see them come up, you will notice I played around with the editing a little more than normal and just had a load of fun with it.

The same goes with the movie location videos. Some of the footage I took last summer I look at now and do not think I shot them well with the then new video cam. Well, I have picked up some techniques in Sony Vegas that will make them more useable than I thought. I just have to use a little more editing than I was going to.

Meanwhile, as far as what I am currently doing "out on the field," I am in the process of putting together my most ambitious project yet. Unfortunately, I was not able to make the "old west" history trip happen just yet as I told some I would be doing a few months back, it will come eventually though. However, what I am doing now I think makes up for it. I had been looking for something new to explore for this blog. I found it. It has taken me to places that are really not that far from me and really just expands on the history, movie locations, and hikes I like to do. The theme fits in with everything I do on this blog, but I will be curious what type of additional readers/followers it brings in. In any case, this epic will start at the beginning of next year and take most of the year to present. I will mix in other stuff during the year so it will not be only the epic that I do next year. I will have a "prequel" type of blog/video coming this summer that indirectly shows you a little of what is to come.

I was going to mention two or three other things, but those can wait. If for some reason you thought I was running out of pictures, video footage to play with, or stuff to talk about, well, talk to me again in 2012. ;)