Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Golf Ball (Beek's Concluded)

(GPS: N33° 49.060 W117° 38.160)

Continuing from where I left off in the last blog entry, I went up behind the main cabin's ruins to the smaller cabin's ruins. Apparently, this one was where the caretaker would stay for the family.
There is not much left to this one either. If you looked at the O.C. Register article I linked last time there was a picture of this that showed some of the roof still up. Not much now.
I went in and looked around. Lots of weeds were growing in there. I looked out the "window."
A little beyond there is something known to the locals as the "Golf Ball." If you have seen the beginning of the video I did of the Indian Village back at the beginning of last November, then you saw it for a few seconds as I zoomed into it. It is a NEXRAD WSR-88d; a weather surveillance radar.
Up close I thought it should be renamed the "Volleyball."

This is something I had seen for years from far away and down from the freeway below. There was one day a few years back I was hiking to nearby Sierra Peak and it was a really foggy morning. Visability was really bad and I remember finally seeing it across the way. It was kind of mysterious at the time and decided I wanted to see what it looked like up close some day.

I really have learned to like a lot of the Santa Ana Mountains over the past few years. While it is not as fun and epic as some of the Eastern Sierra stuff I do, it does have some mysterious stuff I like to explore.

My concluding video:

The Golf Ball of Death (Youtube Version)

The Golf Ball of Death (Vimeo Version)

Finally, again, if you have further curiousity about this place, the links I posted in last blog should answer some of the questions and be a good start for finding out more.