Friday, July 23, 2010

A Gary Cooper Shootout (Red Rock Canyon Series)

(GPS: N35 21.560 w117 59.170)

Compared to the last two blog entries this one took a little more work to figure out. When I originally started to visit Red Rock Canyon this is the one I wanted to find the most. I had the Reagan one in mind too, but I knew this would be a good one to show if I could just get it right. The reason this one took so long to finally put up is that each time I would come home, look at what I had, and then few weeks later I thought I could do a little more fine tuning the next time I would get there. So, I kept putting this one off until now.

Man of the West is not only a Gary Cooper movie, but an Anthony Mann directed western. I always liked Mann's movies, but most of his best was done outside my geographical range, at least for the time being, so I was happy to at least get one of his movies in on here. It may not be the best he did, but the use of the landscape for the final confrontation is very well done. There was also some luck involved with the clouds too.

Here Gary Cooper confronts our bad guy, Doc (played by Lee Cobb).
You should be able to see where Doc was standing.
They both move from the above points a few hundred feet to the west. At that point, they both continue to "yell" at each other.
In the above picture, the movie camera is down below looking up at him. In my picture, I am off to his side looking at the rock he was standing against.
Cooper is down below looking up at him.
You can see how the rock is that Cooper stands behind.
Eventually, Cooper starts heading up to him and takes care of business. If you see the video you will notice that after the gunfight they end up right back down here.

A Red Rock Shootout (Youtube Version)

A Red Rock Shootout (Vimeo Version)

SPECIAL NOTE: this we be the last blog I do for at least a few weeks. I have spent a lot of time on the computer over the past few months and I need some down time. I think I am suffering from "information overload" by reading too many meaningless "news" articles. ;) The reason I am mentioning this is that if anyone sends me e-mail over the next month I may not respond right away. At some point in August I will resume everything. See you then!