Thursday, July 06, 2017

Summer 2017 (Excuses and Updates)

I hope you are all having a good summer (or winter if you are south). I think it is about time for me to start blogging again. What I hope to do is have a blog every week or two until around Labor Day. Not everything I will be showing or discussing is "knock it out of the park" material, but is of interest to me so you might find a thing or two enjoyable.

Various issues:

1)I had a hard drive die on me some months back. Unfortunately, as much as I like to back things up, there were some movie locations I was going to show on that drive that I had no other place. So, I will have to start over with that, and that might take a while.

2)The other issue is my faithful camcorder is having some problems with auto focus. It is enough where I have to be obsessive compulsive to get correct video using it or going into manual mode. So, there is a good chance I will be getting a new camcorder in the future. That means that I will probably delay doing any serious movie location work or difficult hikes for that matter until this is resolved. Nothing is worse that spending hours of time doing this and coming home only to find out that I have a bunch of video footage I can't use.

3)At the end of last year I said I was working on a video I had hoped to have done soon after. I finally finished that one up and it will be on here within this summer blogging period. The big reason for the delay is I wasn't sure how I wanted to present it. I'll explain more on that one when I upload it.

4)In the past I liked to upload videos and create blogs on holidays. Although things could change, I have decided to skip Halloween and Christmas blogs this year. I enjoyed doing some theme connected to those holidays, but the amount of work and timing needed is not worth it right now.I have nothing planned, but even if something comes up I will probably release it before those holidays.

With all that said, I'll be back in a few days with the first real summer series blog. .