Saturday, July 08, 2017

Winter, Spring, or Summer?

(GPS: N37°55.760 W119°15.200)
So last week Tioga Pass finally opened up, and I decided to visit. The High Sierra had an overwhelming snowpack over the winter and spring that had not been seen in quite some time. It was very strange seeing Tioga Lake like this. It had me wondering what season I was in.
Winter, Spring, or Summer?
I had never seen Tioga Lake with ice on it in person. That is something just legendary you see in pictures of people ice skating around Christmas time, but it doesn't seem real. Seeing this in person was different for me to say the least.
Tioga Lake Iced
With the positive end of a drought that everyone wanted in California we have to remember that nature does not play by fair rules. There were some negative consequences of such an overwhelming snowpack in that there were some damages to places that will need repairs. Some people that hope to have their business running by this time of the year will still be closed until much later in the season. A lot of money is lost in both situations.
Tioga Lodge Damage
The waterfall drop from Ellery Lake at Tioga Pass:
Tioga Pass Waterfall
Tioga Pass is such an epic place:
Tioga Pass

Winter, Spring, or Summer? (YouTube Video)

Be sure to read this article on the damage done to Tioga Pass Resort.

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