Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Gunfighter Waterhole (The Alabama Hills Series)

(GPS: N36 35.465 W118 11.600)

Here is one that I enjoyed getting to. In Dave Holland's On Location in Lone Pine he shows the location in the book, but doesn't tell you where it is at. It was supposed to be an area you were to find yourself.

I knew the general area of where it was, but the problem I saw was I did not know which road I would take to get to it. If I am not comfortable with dirt roads that could get me stuck I do not enter them, but I am willing to walk on them a long ways if I am sure of the area. Chris Langely, the director of the Lone Pine Film Festival gave me directions to it. It turns out that it is on a road that you do need a high clearance or 4x4 vehicle to get to. We went as far as we could, but then I just got out and walked about 1/2 mile to it. If you do intend to go to this area please be sure you have the necessary vehicle or expect to walk a long distance. Note the road that you will take is near Lone Pine Campground off of Whitney Portal Road. The road is an older one and is not maintained.
In this scene Jimmy Ringo (played by Gregory Peck) surprises three men who are after him. One being played by Alan Hale Jr. (aka The Skipper of Gilligan's Island).
At the very beginning of the scene the horses are drinking out of a waterhole:
The foundations to the waterhole are still here:
Here is Jimmy Ringo's perspective on the rock:
This is pretty close to it:
One thing to note is the area has been burned sometime recently. Most of the trees had the charred look to them.

The Gunfighter Waterhole (Youtube Version)

The Gunfighter Waterhole (Vimeo Version)