Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I.M. Trailer Preview (The Alabama Hills Series)

(GPS: N36 37.830 W118 07.315)
I have mentioned this a few times, but can finally show the pictures of this one. Most of the movies I have done from this area are the old westerns, but this one will be a blockbuster movie in May, 2008. Originally, when I was working on one my Audie Murphy location pictures I decided I had enough for the day and decided to look at some videos on youtube. I saw the Iron Man trailer and then had a since a deja vu since I was not expecting the following picture:
It turns out it is only about one or two minutes walking distance from the Audie Murphy Showdown Rock location. This was very strange because it is on the northern side of the Alabama Hills and very little had been filmed here. Robert Downey Jr. was standing right next to that pebble rock below:
I was wondering if that pebble rock was something the crew put down there. They only finished shooting there the past May. Chris Langley, the Inyo County Film Commissioner, mentioned that the Iron Man crew kept referring to the area north of here as the "bombing area". That would make sense and it appears they may have even filmed some near the mines in that area. Eventually, I will check up on that for another entry. He said he told them that when they asked for permission for explosions they could kill as many humans as they wanted, but not to hurt any plants or animals. LOL!!!

Here is something interesting. It is further north of this location along the road, but they are heading southeast on it. This is right before the first explosion:
This next picture was actually taken from the car through the window. I may actually redo this or do another entry some other time, but they are traveling this way. If you look really closely in the middle left of the picture you will see a sign. Click the picture and get a bigger picture of it if you can not see it. If you compare pictures you will notice they either took the sign down or edited it out. It tells you that you are entering the Alabama Hills.