Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Eastern Sierra Gold 2007

Actually, because of the drought year, the colors this year were not that great. There was very little red colors where I was at. The areas that had red depended on how close the leaves were to an abundance of water in the past few months. There was an a lot of gold though.
Many leaves were falling down left and right. Check out this stream filled with leaves:
The gold:
I like this shot. This is just outside of Bridgeport, CA. During the summer this is all green with cattle grazing. Sawtooth Ridge, in the background, looks very small compared to the rest of the picture. When you are there the ridge stands out, but in this picture it looks dwarfed by the rest of the landscape. Click the picture to get a better perspective on it:
Sawtooth Ridge as normally seen. Matterhorn Peak (aka the Great Silence), at 12, 279 ft., is at the highpoint at the left of the picture:
Here is a cool looking buck that allowed me to get pretty close to it. During the summer these type of deer have a golden coat. In the fall they coat changes to a darker brown color. They have a much more darker "evil" look to them.