Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Johnny Mack Brown Kern River Cliffhanger Location

(GPS: N35° 37.935 W118° 29.430)
This is located in Keysville on the Kern River. It is one I found about a year ago. The funny thing about this one is I found the location right away after dropping down the little hill behind me. It was sort of a fluke for me to find it so quickly. I took some pictures and a little video, but was convinced that what I was really after was up the river at a higher pointed cliff. I took pics and videos of other areas along the Kern River looking for other areas. I then came home and realized that I had found what I was after right away, but would need to go back to get better videos of this area. It would be a few months before I went back, but that was not really an issue since my grandmother lives nearby.
In The Oregon Trail serial which stars Johnny Mack Brown, he ends up on this rocky cliff over the Kern River. As they are shot at they (stunt doubles) fall down into the Kern River below.
The problem here is that that green brushy tree was in the way. I could not really get down and try to get an identical picture. I have should have taken a chainsaw with me.

Good enough for our purposes.
This is looking back at it.
From this side it took a little work to get to this area. To get to the coordinates you have to carefully down-climb a bit. If you trip you could roll down and eventually hit the water. The other side is pretty easy to get to, but I did not bother trying.

If the Alabama Hills and Red Rock are gold for movie location finding, then I would consider Kernville and this area Silver. You can find some locations from all the movies they made, but it is not as much fun. You have to really look, and I do not consider it as enjoyable or beautiful in these areas.

Part of the reason for this, and keep this in mind if you go here to Keysville, is that there is a lot of drug use and homeless nearby. As I was driving by I had the radio on as they were mentioning all the people that had been arrested and their violations. As I was walking around the first time I had police and rangers watching me at times as I took pictures. It was nothing to be concerned about, I probably looked out of place, but becareful as you walk around here.

A Kern River Cliffhanger (Youtube Version)

A Kern River Cliffhanger (Vimeo Vesion)