Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Silence of Mt. Dana (Part 3)

Originally, this was going to be the final blog on this hike, but I am going to extend it.

All the rest of the pictures are from the summit. After looking at the pictures I realized that this is a good area to show the connections to other areas I have mentioned before on this blog. The following is looking to the northern side. In the background I think are the two twin peaks that I showed from the other side in regarding Belle Starr's Daughter; I will have to check up on that though. I believe Mt. Warren is the peak to the right. Tioga Peak, which I climbed a few years back, is much lower to the middle left of the picture. Saddlebag Lake is what you see on the extreme left side of the picture. More on that lake below.
We are still looking in the northern direction here, but I moved the camera a bit more to the left from the above. Tioga Peak is now in the middle right of the picture; it is kind of hard to show because it blends in with the rest of the peaks. Saddlebag Lake is in the background. Tioga Lake is dead center. The peaks of Conness and Matterhorn are in the background, and I will show zoomed in pictures of them in the next blog or two.
I have good memories of Tioga Lake. My dad and other relatives liked to fish this lake once in a while. You can barely see a small rock formation that is in the lake that is obvious when you drive by it.
Here is Saddlebag Lake. When I did that blog entry last week I totally forgot I had a picture of the boat that takes people across the lake. The same situation happened when I zoomed in while on top of Conness.
This is looking toward the western side of Yosemite. From here I was able to zoom back in on the car 3,000 ft. and 3 miles below.
I will continue to show the south and east sides in the next blog.