Monday, September 25, 2006

The West and South Side (Tioga Peak Series)

(GPS: N37 56.938 W119 14.760)

Looking down to the west side from Tioga Peak one can see Tioga Lake. Tioga Lake is one of my favorite lakes in the Sierra. It border the entrance to Yosemite which you may be able to see up the road. What is fun about this picture is you can even see the rock in the lake that is obvious when you drive by the lake. It was really great to see this lake from above.
This is a bigger zoom shot of the area:
It was fun seeing all the cars driving up to and by the lake:
The following pictures are starting to look in the southern direction. You can see Dana Peak. Which is the 2nd highest peak in Yosemite at 13053 ft (Lyell being the highest which is somewhere behind it).
Looking more south. Dana in the background and Ellery Lake below:
A bigger zoom shot of Dana Peak:
I remember rowing a boat in the middle of the lake, but closer to the back right side of the picture and hitting the bottom when I was younger. A very strange experience. My dad said he enjoyed trolling for fish here with my Uncle years ago.