Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Simpson Mine Part 1

(GPS: N 37 58.746, W 119 10.577)
After my hike to the previous entries area, I walked about five minutes to the northwest to the Simpson Mine. It is one of those areas that remains somewhat a secret in the High Sierra. As I mentioned in the last entry the people in the town of Lee Vining tell me they do not like too many people going up there because they are concerned about the dirt road being destroyed by vehicles. The other thing is people are concerned about the artifacts being stolen by thieves. The area is protected by the U.S. Government so do not even try.

The area reminds me a bit of Bodie ghost town. A lot of the structures have stood the test of time through the years of harsh weather conditions. Originally gold was found up here around 1890. Although a claim was filed later, a man named Jim Simpson purchased the mine around 1910. Simpson along with his brothers worked on the mine as much as they could, but during the rough winter months they had to stop. Eventually, the mine was purchased by different companies a few times. Most of what is seen now is what remains during the 1930's era.
I took a lot of pictures of the area. What I have posted here are some of the complete structures away from the main building. I will do a write up of the main building with pictures in the next entry.