Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Peeler Lake Hike (Part 1)

(GPS: N 38° 07.405 W 119° 28.056)
For a change of pace, I have decided to write about one of my day hike trips. This was on the 8/1/06. It was my first full day in the Eastern Sierra on my trip. My right foot had been in pain for the past two weeks, and, as I write, I still have a bit of pain there. However, I knew this was going to be my only time for major hikes this year so I forced myself to hike through the pain.

I have been on this hike to Barney Lake many times before which is a few miles before Peeler Lake. I don’t really enjoy the Barney Peeler hike since it is long in a boring sense. It starts out at Mono Village near Twin Lakes which is near Bridgeport, CA. The very end it starts to go uphill to switchbacks which are the best part. One arrives at Barney Lake at just under two hours.

Barney Lake from two directions: N 38 08.559, W 119 26.241 (coords for near the above)
In the last picture I am shooting back to where I came from. After continuing for about 20 minutes you enter the first of two crossings. Yes, you do get wet. After about 10 more minutes you cross back. The feet do get wet some just above this next picture, but the major stream crosses are over.
This smaller mountain peak is next to you as you continue along. The scenery after Barney Lake is a lot better in my opinion than the earlier hike to Barney. Lots of switchbacks. It was fun for me.
The following is looking back from where I came. You can't see it, but that furthest mountain in the distance and then down the canyon to the right is where Mono Village is! It really is not that far, but the switchbacks make it a 9 mile hike to Peeler.
Okay, this is the junction. If you head right you go to Peeler. In this picture you just go straight. The left takes you to Robinson Lakes, Crown Lakes, and Snow Lake. Those will be the subject of another blog since I came back to this same junction about a week later.
Tomorrow I will finish up this blog with the last hour of the hike.

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