Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fort Apache Part 1 (Corriganville Series)

(GPS: N34 15.980 w118 39.295)

I will post the video below. As I mention in it, this one was a long time in coming. I should have had this one up years ago. The problem was I always arrived too early in the morning with bad lighting, or poor weather conditions with too much wind. I am sort of satisified at the moment with what I have, but if I feel differently someday I will go back. I am thinking of going back eventually for another reason which I will mention again at the end of the next blog.

Any movie or tv show that needed a fort to be shown would more than likely use this place. I have seen Fort Apache used in tons of old stuff. Here is a picture used in Fort Apache when the new troops march in front of John Wayne and Henry Fonda:
I showed this picture once before. The angle is quite right, but I usually take a picture here because the plaque they have is right here. Of course, the set is long gone and the area is not so flat anymore. There is a huge mound out in the middle.

There is another scene where the new troops are in training.
I moved out to where the dirt road is in the above picture. Then I turned around. This picture is close. Some of the rocks in the background were key; I point those out in the video. Notice the tree. lol! Yeah, those rocks were helpful too and that is what you are seeing on the right side in the above picture, but the tree kind of messes thing up a bit.
At the very end of the movie you the troops all prepare for what will be the big battle scene.
The flag pole above marks the right side of my picture. You should be able to line of some of the rocks in the background.
I will continue this one in the next blog. You can check out the video I made for it in the meantime:

Fort Apache Location (Youtube Version)

Fort Apache Location (Vimeo Version)