Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Norman Clyde Exhibit (2 of 2)

Continuing from the last blog...

"The pack that walks like a man." Norman carried a very big backpack.

This is one of his pictures of that he took of one of his mountain climbing partners.

Norman was always first choice for search and rescue back then. His search and find of Pete Starr's body in 1933 is sad, but legendary at the same time. This picture refers to a crash site he was asked to find.
Finally, I thought this summit registry that the Sierra Club put on Mt. Langley was nice to see since I was on top of Langley a few years ago and all they had was an ammo can. If you double click the picture you can read a little of the history about the registries.

As I wrap this one up I thought I would mention how Norman Clyde was fired from the Sierra Club. I get the idea that Norman was a guy that expected to have competent people on his climbs and only put up with so much with what he perceived as idiots. He was leading a group to a certain peak and one of the clumsy hikers with them fell and broke his pelvis and also had a severe gash on his head. Apparently, this could have been avoided by setting up a rope over the passage. A stretcher was brought in for the injured man, but when Norman and the others came back to camp they decided to fire him from the club. What mountain was that trip done on?
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