Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fort Apache Part 2 (Corriganville Series)

In the last blog there was a tree in the way that I pointed out. You can see part of that on the left in this next picture. The reason I am showing this picture is to show the maintenance road on the right.
You can see Shirley Temple looking at the people driving horses back and forth. That maintenance road is in the background. The picture above is not the same area as the one below.
From what I can tell, this is closer to the perspective of the camera taking the shot above. The tree throws it off a bit because you can not see the maintenance road very well. That sign shows you that these set houses were on this side.
There is a scene at the beginning that John Wayne rides to this house Shirley Temple was at.
The mounds, the overgrowth, but I think this is close enough. I should have circled the rocks I am keying on in these pictures, but I think you can figure it out. In the above picture it is the set of rocks next to the bush next to the chimney. In my picture look to the upper middle right side.
You can see why I consider this area a bit frustrating. I am close in all of these, but not as close as I would like to be due to all the changes over the years. Fires pretty much destroyed all the structures at Corriganville decades ago, but this gives you an idea of where things once were here.

I always thought filming at an area like this was ancient history. My surprise was that I saw it used in a tv show recently. I mentioned my shock of seeing it in this blog I did a while back. If I do go back soon I want to figure out the details of what they did in that Bones episode.

Fort Apache Location (Youtube Version)

Fort Apache Location (Vimeo Version)