Friday, January 15, 2010

"Bones" at Corriganville!?!? (Corriganville Series)

Sometimes things happen in life and the coincidences make me think someone is messing with my mind. I had this happen once before on this blog when I just had finished putting up an Audie Murphy location only to see the same area used on a trailer for Iron Man. This one was just as odd and when stuff like this happens it makes me feel a little crazy.

Yesterday, I just finished putting together the final parts of the blog which went up last night. While moving back in forth through different rooms I saw "Bones" was on. Honestly, I don't watch this show, but I don't watch much TV anyways. Then, in a split second I looked at the screen and said, "What the?!" I was assured it was supposed to be New Mexico. I said, "Ugh, I must be going crazy because I see Corriganville." The problem was they were focused in on the actors faces and not giving much to see in the background. I then saw this:
Okay, beyond any doubt they were at Corriganville in what is known as Fort Apache. My picture:
After watching the beginning of the episode it was more obvious:
My picture very close by where you can line up some of the rocks.
I will be showing more of the Fort Apache location in the near future. I just wanted to show that Corriganville is still used even to this day. I may try to figure out some more of this episode at a later time to find out just where the "alien body" was at...I have idea.

I updated this with a new blog in October, 2011: Alien Murder at Corriganville?!?!?