Friday, January 22, 2010

Audie Murphy Just Misses Natalie Wood Location (The Alabama Hills Series)

(GPS: N36 36.510 W118 07.925)

Alright, I have a lot to write about here, so let me first start by mentioning that I put up a new short video for a blog I did about Iverson Ranch last year.

It has been raining really hard where I live for the past few days. It turns out the location I am about to show has been getting snow! I had been thinking of visiting this area this weekend, but decided against it about a month ago. I am kind of glad it worked out this way since I like snow, but making the trip and trying to do what I normally do might not be as much fun. In any case, the good news in the is the water is needed compared to the dryness we have had. Hopefully, mudslides and flooding do not do much damage to the areas that are getting them. So, since I am somewhat stuck indoors right now I thought I would get going on another blog. The videos:

Audie Murphy and his posse head into "Box Canyon" searching for the baddies. They get this view into "Box Canyon":
Here is my picture a little further away and a little different angle than the above. The rocks on the right in both pictures are the ones to compare.
They see that baddies have already left so the posse stops here and turns around. It would have been kind of cool if they had a gunfight in there, but oh well.
The rocks in the picture below on the left side are the same as the ones above, but the angle is not quite right because...
I was trying to get this shot of Natalie Wood sitting on those rocks.
The Great Race had a scene done right here as well.
I am not going to try to explain what was going on the movie if you care.
So, my title was a bit misleading, but maybe not. Audie would have had to hang out here for another 3-4 years to encounter Natalie Wood. Although I think if her character showed up in Posse From Hell it would have really messed up the story. ;)