Friday, January 29, 2010

Revised Videos, Revised Blog

First, I added a new video for an old blog I did. I will link the video and then the blog:

Rawhide Burial Site (Youtube Version)

Rawhide Burial Site (Vimeo Version)

Rawhide Burial Site (Blog Entry)

As I have been saying I would do, I am doing revised versions of some old videos in HD, but also making changes on the old blogs that were related to them. I do not really want to make new blogs for the old locations. So, I am just going to go back and insert links into the old blogs.

When you read the description of this blog at the top it notes this blog is a "work in progress." This is what I have always meant by that. Sometimes I may go back and make changes in some of the wording in the blogs, take care of typos, or insert new pictures or videos. There is not any intention of pulling tricks by doing this, but if there is some dramatic change I think needs to be noted in the revision I will mention it. There have been instances where I say I would do something in a blog and never followed up. Usually, I have not forgotten about it, but just am a little slow (lazy!) to do the changes.

I have added a new search function on the right side. You can search any topic I have done in the blog. It is much better than using the search function at the top of the blog on the left side.

RIP Pernell Roberts. It was a sad coincidence that I was editing the above video last weekend and found out he died earlier in the week. He was well known for his work in Bonanza and Trapper John M.D. It is nice to know that his character's morbid prediction in Ride Lonesome, that was shown in the above video, did not come true. He was one of the few that had a character that challenged Randolph Scott in the Boetticher cycle of westerns that ending up living as the movie ended.

Finally, I thought this month was rather successful in starting the new year with five movie location videos. I will get back to those soon, but I want to show another hike I did from last summer to start off my blogs for February.