Monday, January 04, 2010

Silent Light, Holy Light

Well, it has been a year since the death of my father. I wanted to dedicate this slight timelapse video to him.

My dad was the one who really loved and shared the Sierra with me. Without his enthusiasm I probably would not be doing this blog today. He loved fishing the lakes the most. He was not much of a hiker, although he would take me on short outings from time to time to some lake. In the last few years of his life he really enjoyed the movie location pictures I did of that area.

Admittedly, last year was not much fun for me doing this stuff. I had to force myself to continue doing each blog. The motivation was not there, and the one I enjoyed sharing my stuff with was not around anymore. In fact, I stopped watching and studying movies. I spent a lot more of my free time reading than anything else.

Getting the new HD video camera kind of helped. Whether I ever get the real "kick" back into me like I once had I do not know. I do have lots of stuff to show over this year. Of course, there are always places to go near and far to talk about. Some places are easy to get to while some are hard. Some cost a tank of gas and others cost a lot more. Of course, some of the real far away ones I have yet to get to.

In any case, for the next few weeks I want to work on showing some new movie locations. I will mix in some old ones and hikes in the next few months.