Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Quest for a Gem (The Tramway)

(GPS: N37° 45.830 W119° 07.805)

Note that the above coordinates are just approximate based on Google Earth since I did not take any readings with the gps until the very end.

We continued to hike on the trail and then I saw the tracks a little more closely.
Years ago I had a friend that saw the tramway from below and was always curious about it. From what he saw he wanted to climb along it and see where it went. That was way down below and it would have been futile based on how high this is. There is a sign that warns you about crossing here. This is all part of the So. Cal Edison Company. This track goes way back to where I ended the hike.
I crossed over and turned to look down into the June Lake community area. This is about the point I took the video from two blogs back.
Looking back over to Silver Lake.
After I did this hike I told my friend about what was up with the tracks he saw all those years ago. I have since been told by one of my relatives the he knew a person that worked here. He said that taking the tram up back here was a harrowing experience. It seems cool to avoid the hike if you want to fish back there, but it looks like the angle of ascent is really intense.

Overlooking June Lake Loop (Youtube Version)

and (the whole hike in the following)

The Quest for a Gem (Youtube Version)

The Quest for a Gem (Vimeo Version)