Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Paladin at San Luis Rey #1 of 4

Over a month ago I was on my computer taking care of business and I had the Encore Westerns channel on. I was not watching it, but keeping it on as a distraction. An episode of Have Gun, Will Travel came on. It was an episode titled, "A Miracle for St. Francis". I started watching the episode and quickly realized I knew where it was filmed at. Other than what I just showed in the previous blogs I could not think of anything else filmed at this mission. Leave it to Paladin to show up there.

This is an example of watching another movie or tv episode filmed in the same areas to help confirm or disprove some of the ideas I had. Had I seen this episode before I did the videos I showed in the last few blogs I would have been a little more certain I got some things right. So, in the next few blogs I am going to continue to show a little more of Mission San Luis Rey. There will be some repetition since they did use some of the exact same areas.

The episode starts out showing this gargoyle face.
This is part of the Lavenderia or the open air laundry. In the old days, the ladies would come down here and wash their clothes in the water diverted from the river.
Paladin begins filling his hat with water.
At the time I did this, I had know no clue that I would be using this on the blog or that anything was filmed down here. Had I known this episode was filmed here then I would have spent a little more time here. So, this is not the right angle for the above.
In fact, I am not even sure if that is the same gargoyle as the one in the episode. My memory might be off here, but it seems there was another gargoyle just to the right of this picture below. Normally, I do not care too much about this, but I might go back to this mission in the next few months when I am passing through and figure this one out. It is not on the top of my list of things to do, but, after all, it is Paladin we are talking about.