Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Ghoul of the Mad Monk #2 of 2 (Halloween Haunts 2010)

(GPS: N33° 13.930 W117° 19.155)

Nightmare #6 (concluded)

Alright, in this blog I will conclude the final "nightmare." Again, these last two are not really that spooky, but it is all in good fun.

In one of the previous blogs I showed the front entrance to the cemetery. To avoid overloading this entry with pictures I am going to refer you to that rather than post it again here. That is where this part of the episode starts. Sgt. Garcia and one of the other soldiers are out in front talking about the legend about the ghost. They hear moaning in the cemetery and then go inside.

They do not show very much of the cemetery in the episode and what you do see seems like a lot of overgrowth compared to the nicely kept area today:

Sure enough they see the ghost walking around with chains. They run back out and the comandante confronts them. He does not believe in the ghost and demands they show him what they saw.
The ghost they see runs across to the other side of the cemetery. At the time I took the video I was not sure if it was this simple. I do think now they just showed them run straight across to the other side. The cemetery is a lot bigger than what you see in the pictures I show. Most of what takes place appears to be right next to the church.
The Sgt. and the comandante track the ghost to the front of the mission.
We were here earlier in one of the previous blogs.
Finally, they end back at the old pepper tree. The ghost cuts down a pot knocking out the comandante and Sgt. Garcia is convinced he was killed by the ghost. He runs off.
We then find out that the "ghost" was none other than Zorro all along. Zorro checks to see that the comandante is okay and then sets the local native free who was locked up.
Another shot of the pepper tree. One thing to note is that the ghost story about a monk who haunts the mission did not originate here, but is one that is commonly told at the San Juan Capistrano mission. I will have something about that mission soon, but it will not have anything to do with ghost stories. In a week or two, I will put up a follow up at this San Luis Rey mission from a total different tv series.

As for my Halloween Haunts series, this is it. I had hoped to have all this end on October, 31st, but it looks like I may not have a full internet connection next weekend. So, rather than me take chances on this or wait until November, I thought I would just post it all now.

I do not think I will have anything like this next year. Most of the entries this month took many years of thinking through to finally get them done. They represent the best I could think of. If you missed anything then go here for the playlist:

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Happy Halloween!!!