Monday, October 25, 2010

The Ghoul of the Mad Monk #1 of 2 (Halloween Haunts 2010)

(GPS: N33° 13.930 W117° 19.155)

Nightmare #6

I did not say this in the last two blogs, but this episode of Zorro was a Halloween episode. I believe the actual title of the episode was, "The Ghost of the Mission." Of course, I put my own spin on the title in what they refer to as "The Ghost of the Mad Monk" as I like to do. In the previous parts I showed dealt with the first half of the episode. Now you get to see why it was a Halloween episode.

The Ghoul of the Mad Monk (Vimeo)

The day after Zorro escaped he came back as Don Diego.
This is nearby out in front of the mission.The video will probably make more sense here, but Don Diego visits Sgt. Garcia in order to visit the Padre at the mission. In order to do that, Don Diego had to make up a story about giving the Padre an old manuscript. Sgt. Garcia wanted to know what manuscript contained. Diego tells him it is the story of the "Ghost of the Mad Monk." Long story short, a monk was tortured and killed right by this three they are at. At midnight on a moonless night the ghost appears at the mission. It is a fun scene.Originally, I thought I might be able to visit this tree. It looked like a very simple thing to do and I did see Huell Howser visit it on his tv series. I was very disappointed to see that the area is fenced off and that the gate to get to it is private. So, the video ended up being a bit anti-climatic in what I had originally hoped to do. I had to video the tree from the distance.
That tree is supposed to be the first pepper tree in California. It was planted here in 1830.

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