Monday, October 11, 2010

The Hike to Lon Chaney's Cabin #2 of 4 (Halloween Haunts 2010)

Nightmare #2 (continued)

At this point in the hike I passed the John Muir sign telling me I was now in the wilderness. This is the point where things were a little more exciting because for the longest time in this hike you can see where you are going. For about 30 minutes I was proceeding and looking at what I am about to show. Now I would enter it.
This is where you are adjacent to the North Fork of Big Pine Creek. The video shows it a little better. Most of the pictures I took were not that great so I will just show you a zoom in of it. BTW, as you will see, this is the creek that crosses right in front of the cabin.
Continuing on the stairway trail to the unknown. Again, just to the left of this picture the stream runs by it.
At this point the trail flattens out and things start to look a little more friendly. Lots of green here.
That lasted about five minutes or so. Then we are back to the autumn look: yellow leaves on the ground and bare trees with very little long range visability. I knew I was getting close.
And then I saw my final destination!
As the sign notes, The Chaney Cabin is now owned by the forest service. It can be used as living quarters for the rangers, but from what I have read is mostly used for storage.

In the next two blogs I will show more pictures of the cabin.

The Lon Chaney Cabin (Youtube Version)
The Lon Chaney Cabin (Vimeo Version)