Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Fox Drops Into The Cemetery #2 of 2 (Halloween Haunts 2010)

(GPS: N33° 13.930 W117° 19.155)

Nightmare #5 (concluded)

I am continuing the Zorro television episode that took place at Mission San Luis Rey. After Zorro reaches the top of the bell tower with the soldiers chasing him he decides to rapel his way down.
I tried to mimic the camera shot by tilting the camera here.
The comandante cuts down the rope so Zorro then falls into the cemetery. This is where he would have come down. He then moves just to the left of that tree along the wall.
As the soldiers run pass him into the cemetery he sits with the rope right next to the cemetery entrance doors.
Just to the right of the door.
As they all go by, Zorro rigs the door so they all trip over the rope when they come back through the door and onto each other as he rides off with his horse.
Here is the entrance to the cemetery.
At the time I did this I was under the impression the skull and crossbones you see over the door was a Disney artist invention for the television series. I had read this a number of times, but now I am not so sure. According to the official San Luis Rey Mission website this was commonly done at Franciscan cemeteries. However, they say on that site that the Disney studio did change the cemetery gates for the episodes filmed here. In any case, the entrance has changed throughout the years as you can see in comparing my pictures to the Zorro episode.