Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Fox Drops Into The Cemetery #1 of 2 (Halloween Haunts 2010)

(GPS: N33° 13.930 W117° 19.155)

Nightmare #5

The Fox Drops Into The Cemetery (Vimeo Version)

I would hardly call this a nightmare, but I think you will see why I wanted to include this as part of my Halloween series. This is another one of the missions I visited this past year. San Luis Rey is supposed to be the King of the Missions. I do not know about that, but from the outside it looks really impressive:
In the above picture you can see the entrance to the church, although the public does not enter the mission through it, and then just to the left you can see an entrance to the hallway. That just happens to be where Sgt. Garcia is napping on duty.
Just as he was getting some sleep the comandante catches him and warns him about the consequences. Meanwhile, Zorro sneaks into the mission behind him.
The piller foundation to the left is where Sgt. Garcia would have been, and you can see the entrance to the mission on the right. That is another door that is locked these days. The actual entrance to the mission that the pubic enters is further down the hallway.
Zorro then goes into the church to deliver the food and water to the one using the mission as sanctuary from the troops. The comandante and the troops realize Zorro is there so they chase him out of the church.
Almost everything is the same. It is hard to tell in these pictures, but easier to see in the video, that the bottom two statues next to the cross have been reversed since the tv episode was made.
From the above picture, Zorro runs by the camera and then turns to our right to the door that leads to the bell tower.
This would be the doorway. It is now gated shut, but you can look through it.
I will continue this one in the next blog entry to show you how Zorro had his thrilling escape.