Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Lon Chaney Cabin #3 of 4 (Halloween Haunts 2010)

(GPS: N37 08.140 W118 27.940)

Nightmare #2 (continued)

I think I should just mention briefly why this cabin is even out here. In my experience, it is very rare to see a fully built cabin out in middle of nowhere in the backcountry like this. In the past I have shown some remains of places miner's lived at, but those are usually broken down. This was obviously well thought out and still remains. It is property of the forest service and that is part of the reason it is still in respectable shape.

From what I read about Lon Chaney, he liked fishing. This area back here by the cabin is very close to some lakes one can do some trout fishing. I can imagine a person getting up in the morning and then taking a hike to one of the lakes back here. Chaney had been to this location before during the times he camped out here on fishing expeditions. He loved the area, so in the 1920's, Chaney had the well known Afro-American architect Paul Williams design this place out here. Apparently, it was the only cabin like structure he ever designed.

It really is an impressive place. Here is the backside as I came down from the trail.
Then to the side with the monster-like chimney.
The granite walls are two feet thick!
They would have brought in all the supplies they needed by mule. Here is the very front looking at where Chaney and family would have come out the front door.
I went up to the door and turned to my right.
For more on Paul Williams please go to the site dedicated to him HERE.
In the next and final blog entry on this I will show the view one has coming out the front door and the other side of the cabin. I will explain a little more about it and show you how, in an odd way, it was actually a movie location.
The Lon Chaney Cabin (Youtube Version)
The Lon Chaney Cabin (Vimeo Version)