Friday, October 22, 2010

Dead Babies (Halloween Haunts 2010)

(GPS: N34° 25.260 W118° 25.850)

Nightmare #4

This is obviously the darkest one in mood that I did. I strongly suggest you watch the video on this one before I spoil it in my explanation. Part of the excitement on this one is not knowing what to expect and letting your mind wonder. Pick your poison:

Personally, I wish I could just post a video and let it live up to the name of the blog, but I guess I better not. This is one I have blogged about before. At the time I put it up I did not want to spoil what was to come for people that want to seek this one out, so I did not include very many pictures and did not reveal the final destination. Sometime back I was nearby on a gloomy day and decided that I might as well go back to this one. I have since taken down that blog entry because, in looking back, it really was not that good and I decided to go ahead reveal this location.

When I was first heard about this one I did not know what to expect. When I read about the experiences people were having here they said various things. For example, this area is creepy, that it looked like the remains of an old movie set, that you are to leave toys for children here, and, in one response to it, that a person took her kids to it at night and they started crying at the final destination. I was intrigued. The days before I went to it I was very excited not knowing what to expect. The final 1/4 of mile the excitement increased until I finally realized what it was.

Here is how it was the second time I went. A very gloomy day. The blue was about to closed out with the rest of the clouds.
Looking down the road I saw the small hill I was about to enter. One thing I should note is there is now a sign close to the hill (as seen in the video) that says no trespassing at night. You can go during the day. That sign was not there the first time I was there.
After a very short walk, and climb, it levels out and you look to your left. When I first came here I realized that I would soon learn the shocking truth.
One then encounters a small enclosed gate area. There are lots of cement blocks sticking out of the ground.
The Dyer Baby:
Another one with toys around it.
More toys around this one.
This one is not a baby from what you see on the dates and does mention he is was a vet. However, you still see a stuffed toy baby bear.
If you have not figured it is a cemetery. This is the Mitchell-Dyer family cemetery. The families involved owned a ranch around here. This is the final resting place for family, friends, and others associated with the ranch. It is not a baby cemetery although you do see a bunch of nameless babies were buried here.

Somewhere along the line, some people must have started to wonder about the babies here and started bringing toys as an offering to this site. Many of the adults have toys next to their stones. It has become a tradition to do.

The thing is this one is right next to the freeway. Getting here is a little difficult based on the way the streets are, but it turns out this odd site is not out in middle of nowhere after all. Hundreds drive by it each day not having a clue about it.

For a more detailed article about this please click here. In the video, I do show the site of George Walters who is mentioned in the article.

Alright, in the next few blogs I totally lighten things up. I will also finish this Halloween themed series in the next few days. Stay tuned...