Sunday, September 18, 2011

Palm Springs Tram (The Stairs)

To purchase tickets to get to the tram you have to climb some stairs. In The Wrecking Crew they show Dean Martin and Sharon Tate go up some of the stairs, but then shortly after they show the villains go up all the stairs. Like so:These days:
From the above picture point of view, these stairs take you to the left up to where the camera was. Dean and Sharon here:
You will see they have added a wall:
So, there are some changes here in comparing to how it was over 40 years ago, but you should still be able to recognize this area easily. In the next blog entry I will show you some of the inside where you purchase your ticket and go up the tram. Things are much different now, but you might see a few traces of what was once here.

The Palm Springs Tram (Youtube Version)

The Palm Springs Tram (Vimeo Version)