Friday, September 16, 2011

Palm Springs Tram Station (Outside)

(GPS: N33° 50.240 W116° 36.840)

This blog starts a series of entries on my visit to Palm Springs. Actually, most of my time was spent near the Palm Springs Tram and not in the desert city. What you are about to see in the next few entries is really at the end of the day right before I started to head home. When I drove out there that morning I got up early and was there after a less than 2 hour drive. I got there before the first tram takes one up the mountainside. Rather than deal with the bad early morning lighting, I decided to wait until I got back down to take pictures. The disadvantage of doing this was I was really tired, and it was very hot at the parking lot. Still I wanted to put something together on this before I left. Believe me, I really had to push myself to just get these pictures because I was really losing my enthusiasm at this time. So, this is one of those that I was more concerned about giving you some approximate locations rather than try to fine-tune and get exacts spots while I was there.

Lots of movies and tv shows have been filmed here. My example for this will be The Wrecking Crew with Dean Martin and Sharon Tate. In that movie they are chased in their car up here by the villains in that movie. There is only one way to get here and they use the road below when they enter and the villains are tailing them.
Then turning around from what you see in the above picture, you can see the Palm Springs Tram Station and that is where Dean and Sharon go with their car.My picture to give you an idea of how it is these days here.In the movie, they cross a bridge, turn around, and go back to the front entrance to the station.My picture on the bridge looking up to the station.
The Palm Springs Tram (Youtube Version)

The Palm Springs Tram (Vimeo Version)

The Palm Springs Tram (Official Website)

The Wrecking Crew (IMDB)