Monday, September 05, 2011

The Arch (The Alabama Hills Series)

(GPS: N36 36.820 W118 07.550)

I have mentioned this one before, but I thought I would give the Alabama Hills Arch (aka the Mobius Arch) its own blog entry. Roaming around the Alabama Hills one can find a lot of arches. It is not really my thing, so you will not see me posting many of them. There was a time just a few years ago that this one was a lot more difficult to find than it is now. I remember having to scramble to get to it. These days you can just find a nice trail to it with a sign with a picture of the arch that indicates it is the trailhead for it.
I would say it takes around 7-10 minutes to walk to the arch. The dirt turnout near the trailhead usually has a few cars parked, so this arch has become a popular site in the Alabama Hills. To get there and have it to yourself takes a bit of planning.

It has become a rather common shot people make. Just a few days ago on's Picture of the Day it was shown with the moon through the window. My father owned old photography magazines that had it in it. As I show in my video there are lots of pictures of it around one can encounter. It is a bit overdone, and AFAIAC the people that really like this arch can have it and spend all their time in the Alabama Hills there.

My previous mention of this arch is here.

Speaking of the Alabama Hills. All those videos can now be found on this playlist.

Recently, in the Alabama Hills I had funny encounter out there. While on the way to one of the rock formations I needed to video I passed a bunch of different people at different points on the way to my destination. It was the most I have ever seen out in these areas apart from the festival. I had a schedule to keep since my ride was patiently waiting for me. So, I was walking quickly, but was sure to greet anyone that I quickly passed by. However, there was a husband and wife I evaded as I walked on a different trail. As I passed behind some rocks I heard shouted at me, "Do you know where the world famous Gene Autry Rock is?" I then stopped turned around and pointed out the rock. The response was, "Okay, just wanted to make sure you did not accidently bypass it without knowing where it is." I just kept walking, laughed back, and said, "Oh yeah, if you only knew!" Apart from the festival, I have never had anyone try to point out any of these rocks to me while I was there.

Just a few housekeeping issues and a few tibits as we get to the end of summer and start approaching fall around here...

I took most of the summer off from editing any new videos. Yeah, you saw a bunch of new ones during the past few months, but almost all of them were completed before the summer started. I just started doing some new edits this weekend with a more recent version of Sony Vegas that has new features. Those will be coming soon.

Recently, on the Youtube account I deleted a few of the older videos. Some I am going to re-do in the future, and others were experimental videos that can still be found on Vimeo. The reason I deleted them is most of them were not really being viewed anyways, and they sampled music that, due to the sensitivites of copywrite on Youtube, could be blocked in the future. As they were, they were not that important to me to keep on there so I thought it best to take them down. All of those videos are still on Vimeo at this point.

I am continuing to upload a lot of new versions of locations I have done before. So, check my Youtube and Vimeo channels if you have not seen them.