Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Pretty Good Canyon (Arizona Series)

(GPS: N36° 03.695 W112° 06.480)

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've scheduled this for Thankgiving, and I'll probably re-edit this whole series some when I get home, but I wanted to get this one up by today.

The Grand Canyon is very well known so I don't feel the need to give the whole history or do much explaining on this one. Do a few searches yourself if you need that. In fact, anything I show has probably been shown from cameras/camcorders that have clicked away here millions of times. It was a first time for me though, and that is why I am posting it

After driving out of Supai, we decided to take another two hours to get to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park.
 My first thought which I said to those I was with was, "It looks like a painting." That's mainly because that is the way I have seen it most of my life in pictures or artwork.
A very powerful wonder of the world! Millions of years of geological history!
We spent about two hours here walking along the South Rim trail.
 A zoom in from the last picture.
I could see the Colorado River below with a bridge and some sort of boat.
The picture above is actually a zoom in. Can you see where that was in the following picture?
After this we ate, and then drove about eight hours home. I had a lot of fun doing this whole trip to Arizona in just about 50 hours of time. It took me ten years since my previous trip to Arizona. I hope to get back there a little sooner. Special thanks to Dean, Danny, and my brother for allowing me to go along since they did all the work making reservations, driving to Supai, and the Grand Canyon National Park.

A Pretty Good Canyon (Youtube Version)

A Pretty Good Canyon (Vimeo Version)

The music taken from used in the video is called Birch Run.