Monday, November 25, 2013

FYI: E-mail

Just a quick FYI message.

Recently, I've had a bunch of "Backscatter Spam" at my e-mail address where a bunch of messages have come back to me that were sent to e-mail addresses that no longer exist. I never sent these messages and looking at the header information shows that they originated from Moscow, Russia. So, my e-mail address appears to have been spoofed or phished for this.

I never send out links without an explanation of why I would do so. So, if you have received one of these messages please just delete it, and please don't click the link which is probably a virus/malware of some sort.

My apologies to those that have received one of these. I know this happens to a lot of people, but it irritates me that this sort of thing happens.

Sorry, and thanks.

EDIT: as of Feb, 2014 I have decided to use a new e-mail for all of this. On the right side of the blog, click "view my complete profile" and then look for the link titled "contact me" and that is it.