Thursday, November 21, 2013

Havasu Falls (Arizona Series)

(GPS: N36° 15.305 W112 41.875)

While the hike was really fun the major treasure that tourists come to is the falls one can see beyond the village of Supai. We checked into the lodge, but we really could not access our rooms until sometime just before noon. So, we scouted the path to the falls. The idea was to head to the falls and then comeback later. Off we went.
This area has issues with flooding. We saw signs warning us to go to the high areas if that happened. In 2008, the flood diverted the water that runs through this area in such away that what was known as Navajo Falls was no more. The mudslide of that flood ended up creating two new falls instead.
The Havasupai Indians are known as the Havsuw 'Baaja, "people of the blue green waters". The water has a nice turquoise look to it.  
About a mile away from town we reached the first major falls, Havasu Falls. The above picture is looking over the edge into what the falls drop into. BTW, this is not advised, but I'm used to being in these situations so I know my limitations. There were signs that said to stay away from the edge.
The picture above is from the same spot looking into the distance. Further on is Mooney Falls which is another mile or so away.
We were able to head down below. There was a nice mist that came from the falls down here. The day was not super hot, but I could see how great it would be down here on a hot day.
These falls on this trip were some of the biggest I had ever encountered. A very strange sight to see in this desert place. There were people playing around below it. Had I more time and not worried about my cameras I would have gone in there myself.
We rested down here for a while taking in the experience. Then we headed back to the lodge to access our room.

Havasu Falls (Youtube Version)

Havasu Falls (Vimeo Version)