Saturday, September 18, 2010

50th Video in a Year

I had a goal a year ago to put up fifty videos in a year in the then new channel. This meant about a video once a week, and then a few weeks I just wanted to leave open. I could have added more in the past few months, but decided to wait. The one thing I have learned is there is no need to rush the editing on the videos I want to do since I always pick up new techniques I can use.

This one is an oldie I did for the original Youtube channel a few years ago. In fact, it may have been my first location video I did. So, I thought it was time for a new version in HD. So, enjoy...

Most of the videos I have done I like, some are intentionally "throw away" videos that I do not take too seriously, but there were some that could have used some extra editing. What is going to happen in the next few weeks is I am in the process of taking down a few videos I put up on Youtube a year ago. I liked what I had at the time, but I have learned so much about the editing process since last year that those videos I have in mind could use a few tweaks. I am not sure at this time if I am going to change those videos on Vimeo. For most of the videos, it really is just minor editing enhancements and not anything too dramatic.

Finally, I have lots of new stuff that will be going up in October...things are going to start getting really dark around here. ;)