Saturday, September 11, 2010

Much Further into Harding Canyon

In the last blog I showed you that this one starts out with wide terrain, but after some distance it gets a little more compact. It was not as bad as the previous Jungle Adventure #1 where I usually had only one option to continue. On this one if I did not like what I saw then I had a few other options. Usually, I could stay out of the water, but not always.
As I mentioned last time, the stream did get a lot faster here. The sound of the stream was much louder because of it.
One thing about this hike compared to Jungle Aventure #1 is that although there is very little elevation gain, nor is it as compact, but it is a lot longer! It is about four miles to get to the falls. Although I could go a little faster than the week before, it was still at a slow pace due to the terrain. At about the half-way point, maybe a little more, the area opened up some so I could see some of the canyon sides.
It then went back to a more closed in hike walking with the stream, across boulders, and through the stream.
As I went along there were some interesting small waterfalls to look at.
In the next blog I will cover where I ended at the falls. I will go ahead and post the links to the video that cover the hike: