Sunday, September 12, 2010

Harding Canyon Falls

(GPS: N33 43.520 W117 35.140)

The previous two blog entries show some of the hike getting to this point. This was the main reward getting here. Here is what these falls look like:
I went underneath them as close as possible.
The interesting thing is there is a rope there you can climb up to get above the falls. I do not know how long that rope has been there, but I made sure to NOT depend on it going up. I made sure I had solid footing and grips as I used it. I should point out someone did die somewhere out here some years back which I will link to here.
This is looking back down from above.
One can go up higher beyond the falls and it does become a flat stream again. Here is the way:
I did go a little further, but decided to turn around since this was really all I was after. It really was a long ways back here and I really wanted to make sure I started heading back for the long way out.

So, this was an interesting Orange County, CA back country hike. I would not say it is the most beautiful terrain one could encounter compared to some of the other areas I commonly post about. The colors are not that dramatic. However, considering this is not too far from the big city this was a nice hike to just get away and see something that is not too common in this area. I never saw another person while I was back here until I was at the very beginning of where I started this hike.