Monday, September 06, 2010

End of Summer Thoughts

Technically, we have a few more weeks of summer where I am at. Traditionally, in the U.S.A., Labor Day marks the end of summer since most young ones are back in school and vacations tend to cease about now. In any case, I am already starting to see fall conditions and look forward to the next few months. I did not always like this time of the year when I was younger, but love it now. I am starting to work on some things to show that reflect this time of year. Those might not come up this month, but should be up soon.

I kind of know the direction the blog will be taking for the next year and half. So, I thought I would mention my current thoughts on Youtube and Vimeo. As some of my old readers would know, I did not start off doing videos right away as I started the blog. It was something I wanted to do and took some time in trying to figure out how I would integrate something like Youtube into the blog.

Originally, and it is still the way I view this, the video aspect were just to supplement the blog. At the time, I wanted videos that were silent other than having some music or special effects involved. I later compromised and started adding speech while filming. However, I have found that the less speech given is usually for the better for the type of atmosphere I am trying to create. Like the most recent video, some stories can be told without words, but it is difficult.

Now, apparently, Youtube being run by Google is doing it at a loss. Google must think that there is a profitable future for Youtube or whatever it will become in the future. I do believe that television and the internet will start to combine with each other at some point. I have my doubts that the way Youtube is now will be the same in the next few years. This is part of the reason I have had my doubts of getting too committed to it. At the present time, I think the video quality has gotten a lot better. On the other hand, what you have to put up with in regards to their policies and some bad users can make it a less than pleasant experience.

So, I think they need some healthy competition. I decided to upgrade to Vimeo Plus for this reason. Most of my videos on Vimeo are the same as the ones on Youtube. It is up to you to watch on either; I don't really care on which provider you use to view. Recently, I have been experimenting with various videos with a different frame rate on there to figure out if I can squeeze out more quality with the bigger file sizes I can use as a Plus member. I have been reuploading some of my old ones.

There is a video or two I did when I began the new channels a year ago that I have thought about doing over. The one thing I have been thinking about doing on Vimeo is adding some older footage once in a while. For example, I never did put up the Mt. Whitney hike I did for the old Youtube channel. It would not be HD, but I still think it would be fun to put something like that up. Only on Vimeo, not the Youtube channel. I would still announce it on here.

That brings we to Twitter. I actually have had the Twitter account for over year so it is not really new. Honestly, I think things like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc. are a little silly and can be a little too narcissistic. When people start feeling they need to tell me they got out of bed after a good night of sleep on Twitter I think my brain will explode with too much meaningless information overload.

Currently, I am just using this as a way to point links to this blog whenever I have a new blog entry. If you subscribe to me here on a reader, the video channels, or whatever you can avoid what I am doing on Twitter. You are going to see the exact same thing. On occasions I will add preview tweets, for example, there is a link to a video on there that will show up on here in a few days. For the time being, they are just link "alerts" for what I do on here.

That about covers everything I want to mention. I think you will at least like a few things I am going to show over the months ahead.