Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ramona Epic #32: Cahuilla Mountain (Part 1)

(GPS: N33 35.785 W116 46.830)

In the next flew blogs I will be covering my hike up Cahuilla Mountain. The hike to Juan Diego's home and murder did not take that long. After coming back to the trailhead, I knew I had more than enough time to follow the trail to the top of Mt. Cahuilla. The elevation gain was not that dramatic. I'm talking of just about a 1000+ feet of elevation from the trailhead. When one thinks of a mountain hike this is usually not what they are thinking. It is listed on the Hundred Peaks Section Peak List, so take that for what it is worth.

I just enjoyed it since it was in an area I had never been to, and it was relaxing all the same. The downside was the day was very overcast to give it that gloomy look. As I stated in the last blog, this was probably for the better since it added the mood to what I was trying to portray regarding the death of Juan Diego. Still, it would have been nice to have had the sun out.
I am presenting this as part of the Ramona series because it connects episode #31 with #33 that will come after this hike. It gives you more understanding of the terrain that Juan Diego and his wife lived at. Other than that, it was just a fun hike. So, take it whatever way you want.

Back to the the previous entries on the Juan Diego home and murder, the hike continues off to the right. This time I would be heading up the mountain to the left of the sign.
After getting some elevation I looked back at the road I had gone on in the previous entries. I was on both roads you see, but to get to where I was last time you head down the road that looks like an "s".That is Mt. San Jacinto which I covered sometime back for this series. So, that is where the fictional story took place, but the historical mountain that the incident the Ramona story was based on was this one.This is looking into the direction that I had been at earlier. It is close to where I ended up in the previous entries at Juan Diego Flats.
Looking back to the cars at the trailhead. Mt. San Jacinto is in the distance.This begins the long part of the trail where you can see far out in front of you.It goes around like this and just keeps going. Nothing too difficult though, it just takes the time to do it.I will continue this one next time.

Ramona Epic #32: Cahuilla Mountain (Youtube Version)

Ramona Epic #33: Cahuilla Mountain (Vimeo Version)