Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reflections at Conness Glacier (Saddlebag Lake)

(GPS: N37 57.900 W119 16.315)

This starts a series of blogs on one of my favorite hiking areas that I have come to every few years since I was a kid. My dad used to love coming here to fish, and I have memories of the family fishing while I would hike around the lakes. The last time I was here I intended to use the pictures and videos to show off the lakes and scenery, but that was the time the smoke was bad due to the Yosemite fire that took place a few years ago. So, I just kept telling myself to come back.

Since then I have not been able to come back to do the exact hike I usually do. Something would come up, or the weather conditions would not be good enough. Even this last summer I did not do the main hike I wanted to do. No big deal...next summer will come soon enough. However, with this area there is a window of opportunity as to when you can be here. Too early in the summer, after a good snow season, one might not be able to drive to the trailhead; too late one might encounter an early snow that gives you the same issue. What it comes down to is about two months out of the whole year where there should be no problems accessing this area. There are exceptions. During dry seasons which did take place a few years ago people were coming here early into the season.

On this short trip the goal was to reach the Conness Lakes area that has the Conness Glacier. I mentioned this one a few years ago after Huell Howser had his Californa's Gold episode here. I will link that at the bottom.

As Huell shows in the episode, one can take a small boat ferry across Saddlebag Lake. When I hike here I don't do that. Part of my enjoyment is walking around Saddlebag Lake which usually takes an extra 30 minutes or so to do.

Looking back to where I started with Mt. Dana in the background. When I was on Mt. Dana a few years ago I was looking down here like I usually like to do. I always like seeing both perspectives as part of the big puzzle at my playground here. Further away and continuing around Saddlebag.Almost around the lake where the main action will take place. I must mention that Mt. Excelsior is in the background, and it too is another area that I was looking down here to get that perspective from up there. Lundy Canyon is in the background, down, and to the right. I was there a few years back, and I hope to have something about it in the future. The reason I have delayed that one is I hope to show you the main hike I normally enjoy doing here which connects to Lundy Canyon. That is the hike I was referring to at the top.I will be heading to the left side of this picture to an area you can't see right now.

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The video:

Reflections at Conness Glacier (Youtube Version)

Reflections at Conness Glacier (Vimeo Version)

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