Saturday, November 26, 2011

Reflections at Conness Glacier (The Final Destination)

After that short snow ascent, it practically ended the hike for what I was trying to do that day. Everything flattened out. It was just a matter of walking around the few streams and ponds to get to the lake. This only took a few minutes at most from the above picture. This is not the lake, but what it drains into. The water going into it is what you hear near that point in the video.
However, the final destination was very quiet. Here is how the lake looks when arriving at it. Mt. Conness is the mountain peak in the middle. The other one to the left looks higher, but that is because it is closer to the lake.
Now I just started taking in the moment and checking out this lake.
I did not purposely go here to take pictures of the reflections, but it was still early in the morning so that is how that worked out. I am going to take a few more days to show other pictures I got of this lake.