Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Reflections at Conness Glacier (Greenstone Lake)

I will be going back and adding GPS coords when I am done with this in the next few days and correcting any typos and the wording. Alright back to where I left off...

After going around Saddlebag one encounters Greenstone Lake. Actually, it depends on which side of the lake you go around on. You can go around on the other side, but it would just take a little longer to get over here.

I had hoped to show the green color of the lake, but since I came through and back during the morning hours it had a refection on it. So, I just took advantage of that.The final destination I was heading toward is in the background. Mt. Conness is the mountain on the left side. Once concern I had was the snow way back in there. I did not bring anything to traverse snow on an incline. I was not totally sure I could get back to where I wanted.This is left of the above picture. A nice reflection there.I did a quick stich of this lake to show you what it looks like as a whole.