Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Natalie Wood Death Tidbit

(N33 26.940 W118 30.020)
Yesterday marked the 30th aniversary of Natalie Wood's death. I did not really commit the exact date to my memory, nor would have I really cared enough to bring this up had it not been for the recent news about the case being re-opened. The recent news did trigger a few memories both old and new.

I do remember watching the news near the time she died. My response then, as it would be for anyone that drowns near Catalina Island, was "really?!" My response 30 years later that the case is being re-opened is "really?!"

What I remembered most about that time period was it was another six months to around a year later that I visited Catalina. On the boat ride over my friends and I brought up that she had died recently near Catalina. That day we went to Avalon, and it was the only time I had ever been to Catalina.

Fast forward 30 years later. Last summer I decided to visit Two Harbors which is on the other side of Catalina. On that day I visited a bunch of areas in a few hours time. My adventures on that day will have to wait for quite some time, but they will come out eventually. However, oddly enough, Natalie Wood's name did come out of my mouth again that day.
Where I am standing is what the GPS coordinates are referring to. All the boats you see mooring are in Two Harbors. The point you see in the distance is Blue Cavern Point. It was off the coast there that Natalie Wood had her untimely demise.

On a lighter note, my old blog about where Audie Murphy and Natalie Wood ended up at the same location for different movies can be found HERE.